What a great time is was at the qualifier party for the WPDH Big Boy Toy Box. 

On Saturday, we had our qualifier party at Northside Auto Body in Poughkeepsie. We spent weeks qualifying you with key artists of the day. Listeners qualified by calling in when they heard a song by the key arts of the day play. Those qualifiers turned up on Saturday to see if their key fit the lock to open the WPDH Big Boy Toy Box, and one person walked away with an amazing prize.

The winner received a fully restored car from Northside Auto Body, and a golf car with a trailer and plow from Golf Cars Unlimited.

Congratulations to Russell Graham! He picked the right key, and unlocked the big boy toy box!

Thank you to Northside Auto Body in Poughkeepsie and Golf Cars Umlimited for making this contest possible!

Also, a big thank you goes out to all of you, the listeners for your continued support of WPDH.