What a surprise, another person from the New York City area has managed to get themselves injured at Kaaterskill Falls.

I think I've officially lost count of all the people that have gotten injured or lost in the area of Kaaterskill Falls, but it has happened once again, and this time the person is lucky to still be alive. The incident occurred on March 5. According to the DEC, a 27-year old hiker from Queens had fallen on the ice at Kaaterskill Falls.

The hiker was with a friend at the falls and attempted to hike from the top to the bottom of a stone staircase, which was completely covered with ice. Even though the hiker was wearing microspikes, they still managed to slip on the ice, causing them to slide down the ice roughly 100-feet to the bottom. I couldn't imagine how scary the must of been sliding down the ice like that not knowing how it would end.

Luckily, rangers arrived at the falls and were able to hike and locate the injured hiker. Rangers provided first-aid and warmed the hiker being assisted by paramedics. Emergency personnel was able to get the hiker out to the trailhead, where they were transported to a local hospital for treatment.

One connection that I've seen with the incidents that have occurred at Kaaterskill Falls, is they seem to involved many people who are not from this area. People always like to point the finger at people from the "city" that come here and litter and show no respect for our beautiful landscapes. There are also a lot of people that are inexperienced with certain areas here that are known to be dangerous, making it more likely they will suffer an injury. Just my opinion though.

Do you feel Kaaterskill Falls is too dangerous for people to be allowed to explore?

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