We hear the stories about unruly passengers being removed from flights all the time. Imagine you're traveling and some person is causing a ruckus to the point the pilot actually has divert the flight and land just so they can be removed? And this happened all the time even before the whole mask issue became such a thing. This story, right here, might be a first though.

Fox is reporting that two women were kicked off an American Airlines flight after one of them tried to hide under the other's first class seat. Guess they weren't really feeling flying coach, were they? Another passenger, who was on the flight, suspects it may have been a stunt for a YouTube video channel.

The story comes from the passenger, who posted on a website called FlyerTalk. The October 30 flight from Dallas to Miami had been delayed already, so you can imagine no one was in the mood for any more shenanigans. Basically, the passenger says that a woman walked up to first class to supposingly meet with her friend, who was already sitting up front. That's when she allegedly tried to get under her friend's seat and ride in the foot space below.

That can't be comfortable, especially on a long flight. But hey, nothing really makes sense anymore, does it?

When attendants noticed her original seat was empty, they called out for her to go back to coach and remain seated. According to the account, other passengers were quite quick to point out that the woman was up to something no good. So, in short, the plane headed back to the gate and booted both women off. Upon being kicked off, the floor rider allegedly got very angry, took off her mask, and began "screaming that she’s being disrespected, did nothing wrong, she paid good money for her ticket, and that she has a child waiting at home for her.”.

Police then came and dragged the women off. But that's no it. Another passenger in first class was so upset by all this, that he began cursing out a flight attendant and was also kicked off. A representative for American Airlines told Fox that the account posted online matches what happened. The flight would eventually make it to Miami, two hours and 49 minutes late.

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