As we approach Thanksgiving this year, we face a lot of uncertainty. We've heard the officials warn us all to keep gatherings down, and how COVID numbers are going back up in certain areas. Many are not pleased. Can't we get some good news? So, how about the weather? Will that at least cooperate? Perhaps.

The Weather Channel has released their extended forecast going into next week, and it looks like there could be some precipitation to start Thanksgiving this year. TWC is saying that there is a chance for rain showers in the morning, which should eventually clear out as the day goes on. Skies will remain mostly cloudy, though there is a chance for some rays of sun by later in the afternoon.

So how should we dress? Maybe just a long sleeve and light jacket will do. Temperatures should be mostly around normal for this time of year, as forecasters are calling for highs in the low 50s that day, and lows in the mid to upper 30s overnight. This will be much warmer than the record setting cold of the 2018 Thanksgiving. And then, there was last year's Thanksgiving weekend. We'll take a little morning rain over that.

So far, the month of November has been warmer than average in the hudson Valley, as some of the extended forecasts called for back in late summer. Many weather models are also still calling for a milder than usual winter across the region.

In a year full of so much disappointing news, a mild Thanksgiving isn't such bad thing. of course, this could change a bit as turkey day draw closer. Sometimes the forecast are wrong for the very next day, so plan accordingly.

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