Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he expects to see a  tremendous spike of COVID-19 after Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, Cuomo said statewide 3.43 percent of tests on Tuesday for COVID-19 came back positive. The 7-day rolling average statewide is 2.9 percent. On April 8, 46 percent of all COVID-19 tests in New York State came back positive.

Cuomo noted that no state in the country is below 2 percent at this point. New York has the fourth-lowest positivity rate in the nation.

Cuomo said the "COVID Spiral" is COVID fatigue mixed with the cold weather and not fully experiencing pain from COVID-19.

"You will see a tremendous spike after Thanksgiving. You won't be safe, it's an illusion. That's my personal opinion." Cuomo said. "Why? Thanksgiving is a holiday and people come together and if you don't have a real fear about COVID, you're going to come together."

Cuomo noted his mother is pushing for his family to get together for Thanksgiving, but he won't go because it's not safe.

"My advice on Thanksgiving. Don't be a turkey. You know what love is on Thanksgiving? I love you so much, I'm so thankful for you, that I'm not going to see you," Cuomo added.

Cuomo also said COVID-19 spiked in Canada after Canada celebrated Thanksgiving.

"Thanksgiving is a week away. LARGE INDOOR DINNERS will spread COVID. Limit Thanksgiving to your immediate household. Gatherings over 10 people are not permitted. Spread thanks, not COVID," Cuomo tweeted.

Last Thursday, Hudson Valley Post reported the region is recording COVID-19 numbers not seen since the spring. On Wednesday, New York State recorded the most COVID-19 infections in one day since April. Hospitalizations in the state are up 300 percent in just over two months.

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, Gov Cuomo announced a number of new restrictions. All restaurants, bars and gyms must now close each night by 10 p.m. Cuomo also announced indoor and outdoor gatherings at private residences will be limited to no more than 10 people.

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