After several below normal overnights in the Hudson Valley, Friday saw the return of summer with much warmer and more humid conditions. And according to the forecast, it will only get warmer this weekend. Could the Hudson Valley see another heatwave over the next several days? It's been a while for hot weather so far, as the last time it reached 90 degrees in Poughkeepsie was May 31, when it was 93 F.

This Weekend's Forecast

The Weather Channel says that Saturday will be hot and humid, with highs near 90 under sunny skies. Lows will fall into the mid 60s overnight, Sunday could be even hotter with highs in the low 90s, and continued mostly sunny skies. However, Monday will bring cooler weather with a chance for showers throughout the day. Highs Monday should stay in the mid 70s, so we will probably not see a heat wave. We were close though. TWC says that highs Friday afternoon reached the mid 80s.

The HV's Last Heatwave?

A heat wave is a period of unusually hot weather that typically lasts two or more days, according to NOAA. The last time the Hudson Valley experienced three days in a row of 90+ degrees was August 25 through 27 2021.


Will the Hudson Valley See a Hot and Stormy Summer?

Weather forecasts are often conflicting, especially when predicting the conditions months in advance. TWC is calling for slightly above average temperatures for the Hudson Valley and parts of the Northeast, with round of storms possible this summer. The forecast issued is somewhat similar to the summer of 2021, where we saw hotter than usual temps and above average precipitation.

NOAA's outlook is a little more extreme, as they are calling for way above average highs and well above average rainfall. A hot, humid, and hazy summer of 2022, according to their predictions. Almanac's forecast though is a bit more conflicting for the area, with the Hudson Valley seemingly on the boundary between a hot and dry summer, versus a cooler and wetter one. And then while AccuWeather is saying we'll see temperatures around average this year, be ready for numerous rounds of severe thunderstorms this summer to impact the Hudson Valley.


New York's Hottest Temperature Ever? 

According to Cool Weather, summers in New York state average around 66.5 F (with both high and lows averaged in). That places us at 39th hottest in the country. However, the Southern and Western parts of the U.S. aren't the only parts of the nation that can get scorching hot during summertime. Read HERE.

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