Although this Dunkin' Donuts flavor has been a favorite for years, you'll be hard-pressed to find it anywhere in the Hudson Valley.

The cinnamon powdered doughnut is one of the classic flavors that has always been available at Dunkin' Donuts. For years it proudly sat alongside other greats such as glazed, jelly and Bavarian cream. But now, cinnamon powdered has slowly become an extinct species.

Cinnamon powdered doughnuts have slowly become an extinct species.

In recent years the availability of cinnamon powdered donuts has been sporadic to say the least. Visits to local Dunkin' Donuts locations in Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties would yield a small inventory of the classic flavor, or sometimes none at all. For a while, even when the powdered cinnamon doughnut was unavailable, the munchkin version remained. But now it looks as though the smaller brother of this all-time favorite has also completely disappeared.

We started to wonder the reasons behind the mysterious disappearance of cinnamon powdered donuts. Was there a shortage of of ingredients? A seasonal shift in flavors? Or simply an overhaul of the doughnut menu? Answers from store employees varied from "they're discontinued" to "we no longer carry that specific flavor" to "I didn't know we even sold them."

A. Boris

We contacted the Dunkin' Donuts corporate offices and were surprised to find out that the reason is due to a simple lack of demand. They informed us that stores are not required to carry cinnamon powdered, and that franchise owners are free to decide whether to offer them or not. Dunkin' Donuts spokesperson, Justin Drake, sent us the following response to our inquiry:

Our Cinnamon Sugar Donut is an optional donut variety at Dunkin' Donuts, so its availability may differ depending on the local restaurant. Our franchisees work to provide their guests with a wide range of delicious donut varieties, keeping in mind the donuts that are most popular locally.

So there you have it, cinnamon powdered donuts just aren't as popular as they once were. In a world with flashy new doughnut varieties like Chips Ahoy, croissant-donut and Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake there seems to be no room for boring, old cinnamon.

With a whole new generation of doughnut eaters flocking to Dunkin' Donuts it's very possible that we'll see even more menu changes in the future. Boston cream, don't get too comfortable. It looks like your days may be numbered too.