It was some peoples' lucky day, as police say a garbage bag full of weed came raining down from the sky onto a sidewalk in one New York neighborhood. Well, lucky for everyone except the guy who was allegedly just robbed that is. Investigators say a drug deal gone bad is to blame for the curious case of "green rain" in Sunset Park. Now, officials are looking for answers over who did this.

News 12 says the meeting took place June 1 on a rooftop over 8th Avenue. Police say one of the potential customers turned on the seller and pulled a gun. Then, they allegedly attacked the victim, grabbed the big bag full of weed, and then threw it over the nearby rooftop onto the sidewalk. Surveillance footage shows the trash bag full of weed falling to the area near the street below, with the crop scattering in every direction upon impact. No sooner did it land, three men can be seen gathering parts of the stash, and quickly running off with it like it was Christmas morning. A fourth man can be seen emerging from off-camera, and following the gang as they make their way out.

The victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

In late March, Governor Cuomo officially signed a law that will allow the legal use of recreational cannabis in New York State for those 21 and older. The new law allows one to possess up to three ounces of cannabis. But while marijuana can now be grown, bought and sold, it is still expected to take up to two years before dispensaries can open across the state.

Legal Sales of Marijuana in New York Will Likely Take Years

Sorry to ruin your high. Despite lawmakers reaching a deal to legalize pot across New York lawmakers say it's gonna be a long time before sales start. Here's why. 

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