You may want to give yourself extra time to get to your train this morning.

Rail commuters will be greeted this morning with heightened platform patrols, increased security, a very heavy police presence on trains, explosives detection canine sweeps and counter-surveillance measures.

Officers will be spread out on platforms and are expected to walk onto the train cars with commuters to perform  "step-on inspections."  MTA police will also have an increased presence on all trains and platforms.

Before you start worrying about all of the police activity, Metro North wants you to know that there's no reason to be alarmed. According to government officials, this is just a drill.

Operation SECURE is happening at many of the train stops along the Hudson Line on  August 28 between 6am and 9am. The MTA Police are partnering with New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services and the New York State Police to run through drills and practice coordinating their response to real life emergencies.

The activity, however, could have a real impact on train times.

The MTA is expected to make announcements so commuters are aware that the police activity is only a drill.