Okay, so I recently upgraded my fish tank, taking advantage of a Black Friday sale, and something seems off.

I was so excited to upgrade my fish tank, so I could purchase some bigger fish. I've had the tank since early December, taking advantage of a sale. I purchased some fish, mostly cichlids, which are aggressive in nature, so I knew that might be some problems withing my tank.

Along the way, while I was at the pet store one day, I happened to see some fish that were on clearance, which should have been a warning, but I took a chance and purchased two of them. For the record, pet store fish are risky, mostly because usually they suffer from ick, which kills fish quickly. Most pet stores use one mass filtration system for all their tanks. This means if there is a fish that suffers from some sort of illness, it will easily be transmitted through all the other tanks.

One of the two purchased died within 24 hours, which honestly I expected. The other one, however, seemed fine. This fish became my favorite in the tank. He was surrounded by bigger and aggressive fish, and he seemed to keep to himself and survived pretty well.

All was going well until this week I noticed that my fish happened to be missing. I mean where did he go? I feel bad because he was the smallest in the tank, and I fear that one of the bigger ones ate him. This is most likely what happened, and it stinks. The poor little guy did all he could to survive and met a sad demise.

Rest in peace little dude, you will be missed. Also, don't worry, because my wife and kids remind me every day that it's my fault.

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