Have you been thinking about getting an electric vehicle? Are you worried that you will be constantly looking for a place to charge your car when you are on the go? While chargers are becoming more and more accessible, is it easy to find one that will work for your car?

How can you go about finding a charging port while you are traveling? Is there a secret code to finding them? Can you have your car just 'find one?' Or will you be driving around in circles looking for one? Here's help.

How can you easily find a place to charge your electric vehicle (EV) in the Hudson Valley?

Photo by J Dean on Unsplash
Photo by J Dean on Unsplash

The first place to look for a place to charge your car while you are in the Hudson Valley are believe it or not, certain gas stations. For instance the Quik Check off the Kingston Thruway entrance has chargers. Tesla chargers will soon be able to accept other, non-Tesla cars. Just make sure you have an adapter. 

Other locations to charge your EV in the Hudson Valley?

Photo by Ryan on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan on Unsplash

Once you start looking for them, they will find you. The New York State Thruway has charging stations at each rest stop, if it is open. You can also find chargers at car dealerships, for example Ford has chargers. Hertz just signed on to have a charging port at each one of their rental locations nationwide, that anyone can use.

Another way to find charging locations? Here is a New York State charging locator map, just incase you still can't find a charging port. Good Luck.

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