So, it might not make sense, asking you what level of frustration you are at trying to schedule your Covid-19 vaccines? Are you at a 1 frustration? Have you had to look often? Do you look once or twice-a-day? Get kicked out of a website or two because other people are also trying to schedule appointments? Maybe you give up and walk away, saying you'll come back in a few days or even a few hours?

I am not over the age of 65, I do not have a medical condition that bumps me up another level to get the vaccine, nor am I a first responder, healthcare member or an educator. Pretty much I will probably not qualify to have a vaccine until October or December of 2021. I am ok with that.

Why I am struggling through many websites, phone numbers and internet browsers? My awesome neighbor. She is 77, has cancer and no access to internet. I do believe she has wi-fi with her tv package, but she does not have a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. So, she has asked me to help her. She really wants to get the vaccine because of her compromised immune system.

I also think she wants to go out to lunch after her cancer treatments or when I take her to get her haircut. After both, she likes to go to her favorite Italian restaurant for her Chicken Marsala. She never can quite eat all of it, but she so looks forward to doing just that. It has now been more than a year since she has been to a place that is not the doctors office, hospital or the pharmacy.

So, I finally get through on one of the websites on Saturday night, 2/27/21 and it says that there are appointments for Tuesday, 3/2 (which is her 77th birthday) so I try to get one of those appointments. I had to create an account, with her information, so I could get it scheduled. The website says it has appointments. I click on one of the times, then it says nope. Go back, there's no appointment. Check again. I did this a few times, and then went to bed.

I started again on Sunday, Feb 28, 2021. Same results, same situation. This is the only site within a 30 mile radius from her house that has the vaccine. Still nope. Ok, I try the laptop, the pc and my phone. Same thing. But they are still showing available appointments.

Here it is Monday, I try again in the morning and then again at night. Multiple sites, no available vaccines. So, I (the level of frustration is so high right now) try the site that I have been having the 'pleasure of dealing with' and oh, look kids! There are appointments available. Here is a screen shot of the website:

bhunter/tsm screenshot

Is it me? Or does it look like there are appointments available to you? I did just get new glasses, but looks like there are appointments. Let me click on one. Subsequently, I clicked on a few, just trying to get one appointment to take. There was another location that had appointments. I did try to get one of those with the same results, here is another screenshot of the website:

bhunter/tsm screenshot

So, even with my frustration at a pretty decent level. I will continue to try to get this appointment for my neighbor. I do know that there are more doses of the vaccine being released a few times a week, plus the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine which will only require her to go get one shot will be available shortly. Still, if you are going through the same thing trying to schedule an appointment for yourself or for someone else. Please be patient. I know that she will get her vaccine. I will do my best to help make that happen. Good luck getting yours.

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