A mysterious bag has been sitting in the WPDH studio for what seems like weeks. Or maybe it's only been a week.

I gotta say when I recently showed up to do the afternoon shift at the mighty PDH I almost jumped upon entering the studio and seeing what I thought was a dead animal sitting in a bag. Or was it? Perhaps it is? I still don't know. A bag has been sitting in the studio next to a trash bin for some time now and we're still trying to determine what it is and why it's there. Is it garbage? Is it there for someone to take if they like? I thought about checking out the item but the more I thought about it, I didn't feel comfortable reaching into the bag containing something that doesn't belong to me. Plus, what the hell is it?

Photo credit: The Rutigliano Archives

An inspection of the paper bag that the item is in has a logo on it that says Village Jerk. After doing a Google search, Village Jerk pops up as a beef jerky store located in Beacon. Does the bag have anything to do with whatever is in the bag? That I can't confirm. To anyone looking at the picture of the bag, one would assume that it's a fur coat in the bag. One person actually said it looks like a bear head, which I can see as well ( I think that's just from the angle of how the picture was taken though). Or maybe Ted Nugent visited the PDH studios recently and I wasn't aware? Who knows.

Photo Credit: The Rutigliano Archives

I did ask PDH midday guy Eric Hopkins if he knew anything about the bag and he said he had heard that a guest that was on the Boris and Robyn Morning Show recently had left it behind, and it was placed there for when they pick it up. So perhaps this is confirmation of what the mystery bag is all about. But again, it's just hearsay. My only concern is that the weather is getting cold out, and I would assume that if it is in fact a fur coat in that bag that was left behind, maybe that person would wanna get it to keep warm during these chilly times. Especially when we might see a Thanksgiving week snowstorm coming up. Whatever the case may be, it still sorta remains a mystery. Stay tuned.

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