The last couple of mornings, the Hudson Valley woke up to temperatures in the upper 10s to low 20s. While that's quite cold to just about anyone, it isn't too far from normal for this time of year. But what's the absolute coldest the temperature has ever fallen to here in the Hudson Valley? Well, it will depend on what part of the area, for the Hudson Valley stretches quite a distance. It's probably going to be colder on average in somewhere like Monticello than it would be in the lower Hudson Valley.

But here we take a look at some of the coldest temperatures since they started keeping weather records in 1931. You'll think 20 degrees is mild day compared to some of these numbers. According to, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Poughkeepsie was on January 21, 1961, when the mercury fell to a bone chilling -30 F. For Newburgh, their coldest temperature ever was February 8, 1967, when it hit -20 F. Of course, there could be even lower temperatures recorded for other areas north of Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, or in higher elevations.

How about for the entire state? The coldest recorded temperature ever in New York state was -52 F on February 18, 1979, in Old Forge, which is a small hamlet in Herkimer County. That's damn cold.

The extended forecast for the rest of this winter is up in air, as some forecasters had previously called for a fairly mild winter with below average snowfall. Some conflicting forecasts have said the area could see above average snowfall, with temperatures around normal. Some meteorologists are watching a shift in the Polar Vortex, which could split the air mass, thus bringing significant snowstorms to the region bu late January to early February.

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