Are people really going strir crazy? Is the pandemic and all the negative news getting to some? Who knows? While the true motives here are not yet known, this certainly is one of Thursday's more bizarre crimes. Was there a Batman sighting today in Manhattan? It's not often commuters in New York City will stop what they're doing, but this was strange enough to draw quite a crowd of onlookers, according to the video above taken by CBS NY

ABC says a man wearing all black was arrested Thursday after he was seen on video climbing up the side of the New York Times Building in Midtown, Manhattan Thursday afternoon. Police say he climbed up six stories before tuckering out, and then waited for police to come arrest him. So no, it probably wasn't Batman. He would have better equipment.

ABC says that NYPD's Emergency Services Unit had to go up six stories themselves, and then cut out part of a window that was near the man, and then bring him inside where he was safe. Police and firefighters had previously tried to get the man to come down from his climb, but to no avail.

There are no motives yet for this strange escapade, according to the NYPD. No one is certain if there was any significance behind the man scaling the NY Times building in particular, or if it was simply a random act. Police say this same man has admitted to illegally climbing buildings before. Maybe he's just very bored?

This case may remind you of one like it that happened four years ago. In August 2016, a 20 year-old Virginia man scaled the Trump Tower using suction cups, in an attempt to meet privately with Donald Trump. He was eventually caught by police and pulled through a window on the 21st floor.

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