This will come as no surprise, but football fans in the state of New York don't like the New England Patriots. Did we need a study to prove this? Well, perhaps. Anyhow, the website Sports Insider read a bunch of tweets from everyone, and determined who hated who.

See the map HERE.

We know people love to sound off on social media every Sunday when their team might score a big play, or when their least favorite team suffers an embarrassing loss. Yes, with three NFL teams between them, fans living in New York and New Jersey hate the Pats.

It's a bit of weird situation, when you have two separate "New York" teams who actually play across the river in the New Jersey. Both the Giants and the Jets have quite a history with the Patriots. Until this season, the Pats had dominated the AFC East for over 17 years. They have often made short work of the Jets here in the recent years, which undoubtedly lead to a lot of bitter resentment through the years. New England leads the all time series 67-54-1.

Then, there's the Giants. According to this website, the Patriots lead the all time series 7-6, including the playoffs. But, we know very well about two of those Giants wins, including one very important one that spoiled a perfect season for the Pats.

But there's also New York's only "true" football team, as Buffalo fans will tell you. No matter how many Super Bowls they lost in a row, or how many years they missed the playoffs, Buffalo fans are diehard and loyal. But, New England also leads this all time series too over their division rivals, 76-43-1.

New York and Massachuseets just seem to have a natural rivalry. Both states border each other. Both have major, esteemed cities. There's the different accents. The food. And yes, there's the Yankees versus the Red Sox debate. But in this case, the disgust for the Patriots comes from all over New York and New Jersey.

A lot of the middle and lower Hudson Valley tends to be Giants fans. So is the Bronx, Northern New Jersey, and all the way up Albany too. There are plenty of Jets fans in the HV as well, though their numbers are strongest on Long Island. And of course, if you go anywhere west of Binghamton, then you're in Bills country.

But if you like the Patriots, they weren't the country's most hated team. According to this study, the Steelers are the top most hated team. There's also large parts of the nation who don't like the Eagles, Packers, or 49ers.

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