Last week we had some great weather here in the Hudson Valley. That got people excited about the arrival of spring, and now sadly it's cold again. But, what did those warmer temperatures awaken?

It was great to have some warmer days here last week, and we're still in winter, and now the temperature has dropped back down, I find myself wondering what woke up during the warmer days we had. The reason I bring this up is that my kids were telling me they heard some rustling around the yard. During the last week with the multiple wind advisories we had, all sorts of things have blown onto my lawn, and there are some leaves that pile up, and my kids are convinced that there's a snake in there.

Honestly, I heard the rustling as well and I attempted to find what it was but was unsuccessful. I've seen some posts on social media showing that some snakes have woken up and were roaming around. I absolutely hate snakes, and this is the only place I've lived where I've actually had to deal with them. I have a large rock wall in my yard, which makes sense why I may see a snake from time to time, and it's very annoying, to say the least.

So this weekend is looking like it might be nice enough to get some yard work done, and hopefully not come across any snakes along the way. Have you seen or heard any creatures that may have woken up during those days that we had some warmer temperatures?

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