A couple of weeks ago one of my radio partner Boris wrote a story for our website about a mysterious island in the Hudson River between Poughkeepsie and Kingston. It’s called Esopus Island, and it once was inhabited by well known occultist Aleister Crowley. He reportedly stayed on Esopus Island for 40 days and 40 nights with no food or supplies (but it’s said that fans and friends brought him both during his stay). So, that’s the Hudson Valley’s connection to Aleister Crowley.

Aleister Crowley? I know that name and I know it well. Not because I’m into the occult, but because a few of our favorite rock stars are or were into it at one time. Yup, Aleister Crowley is Mr. Crowley from the Ozzy Osbourne song of the same name. THAT Mr. Crowley. According to Wikipedia, Ozzy was inspired to write Mr. Crowley after he read a book about him. So, that’s Ozzy’s connection to Aleister Crowley. 

And Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page? What’s his connection to Aleister Crowley? According to rockcelebrities.net, in 1970 Jimmy Page purchased the infamous Boleskine House, which was the former residence of Aleister Crowley. Jimmy reportedly had a huge admiration and fascination for Crowley at the time, and he even had a collection of Crowley memorabilia. But owning the house did not bode well for Page. Page and his friends who stayed at the house claimed that there were weird paranormal activities including chairs moving, doors slamming, and rugs rolling up by themselves. That would be enough to chase me out of there, and Jimmy ended up selling the house. And that’s Jimmy Page’s connection to Aleister Crowley. 

So, what do Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page, and the Hudson Valley have in common? Aleister Crowley, that’s what. Yes, our area’s common bond with a couple of the world’s most famous rock stars is a notorious occultist and magician.  Pretty cool!

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