You may be wondering why crews have been closing lanes on the Newburgh Beacon Bridge this week.

Commuters traveling over the Hudson River have spotted workers above and below the bridge, climbing the steel and employing heavy machinery on the Newburgh Beacon Bridge. While this may be an inconvenience for some, the work is necessary to keep travelers safe.

Facebook/New York State Bridge Authority

The New York State Bridge Authority says that crews are currently "flood washing" every square inch of the bridge. The annual procedure is necessary not only to keep the bridge safe, but to also prevent future deterioration.

The project is two-fold. First, crews blast every nook and cranny of the bridge with water to wash away all of the salt and sand from the winter. Tethered to safety ropes and using cranes, the workers climb under the roadway to make sure all of the debris is washed off, preventing future corrosion.

Facebook/New York State Bridge Authority

While washing the bridge, the workers are also performing an important inspection of the span. Crew members look for sections of the bridge that need to be greased or require immediate repairs.

The job is not easy, but necessary to keep the bridges safe. Each span of the Newburgh Beacon Bridge takes four to six weeks to complete. Updates on the progress will be posted to the bridge authority's Facebook page.

So, the next time you're on the bridge, make sure to slow down and respect the workers who are working hard to make sure the Newburgh Beacon Bridge remains safe and sound for decades to come.

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