The prosecution rests.

You may see surveillance footage on the news sometimes of brazen attacks in a courtroom. Things can get very emotional and heated in a court setting when you're dealing with cases such as child custody, or even first-degree murder. You've probably even seen a family member of a victim of a heinous crime take justice into their own hands and go after the suspect on trial. Even a judge's stern warnings and the threat of jail time aren't going to stop them.

In this particular case, a suspect had to be taken out of the courtroom by stretcher.

Trial by Knockout

Witnesses told The Post Standard that a man approached another man, who was leaving his court appearance Monday and began punching him over and over, before finally knocking him unconscious. What was this about and why did this happen? The 37-year-old-man who was attacked had been charged with the hit and run death of another man stemming from October 2021. A prosecutor said that the man who threw the punches was one of the victim's brothers. says that the 25-year-old man who went after the suspect was taken away in handcuffs by court security. The suspect was taken out by stretcher and brought to a nearby hospital.  The suspect is accused of fleeing the scene of a crash that killed the 33-year-old victim in October, according to TPS.

A Court Full of Roaches 

Imagine you're at the local city court house trying to clear up a matter when hundreds of roaches are scurrying everywhere under foot?

While the thought of roaches in a courthouse may sound funny and could lead to a number of jokes, at least one person is now facing charges for the stunt that occurred in early June.



WNYT is reporting that four people were being arraigned in Albany City Court when one of the defendants began recording. The court told the person to put away the camera, however, WNYT says that this led to a confrontation with one or more of the defendants. It was around this time that hundreds of cockroaches were released from plastic containers all over the courtroom, according to officials.

It is not certain what exactly the plan was here. Could this have been some sort of prank to put up on websites like YouTube, or other social media pages? There is no word why the defendants were being arraigned, or how they got the plastic containers in the court to begin with. Was this some strange form of protest? Who knows? WNYT is reporting though that one 34-year-old defendant is now facing charges of disorderly conduct and tampering with physical evidence.

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