We unfortunately we hear a lot about dogs and cats being abandoned by their owners, often left behind in inhospitable places. But people do collect other types of animals, such as various rodents. And in this case, it looks like a person (or persons) left a bunch of them on the side of the road in New York state over the weekend.

The SPCA of Tompkins County says that over three hundred rodents were found Sunday, all abandoned on the side of the road in two separate towns. The incidents are likely tied together. Syracuse,com says that everything from rats, to gerbils, to guinea pigs, to mice were found in the towns of Dryden and Danby. 

The SPCA says they currently do not know who dropped off the animals or where they originally came from. Syracuse.com says that animal control officers were able to save 213 of the animals, though the rest unfortunately died.

The organization is now seeking care for the animals so they can be put up for adoption or sent to rescue homes.

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