A bit of a mystery is brewing in one Upper West Side neighborhood near Amsterdam Avenue. Now, weird random things are nothing new in a place like New York, but this one has got even some of the longtime locals baffled.

A publication called the West Side Rag is reporting that a wicker couch somehow got stuck about 20 to 25 feet up near the top of a tree. One resident told the Rag that the mystery couch had been in the tree for three days by the time the story was originally published.

NBC even says the couch could be big enough to fit three people, though there's no guarantee the branches would hold up under that kind of weight.

No one knows for sure how the couch ended up in the tree. Could the wind have blown it off a nearby balcony and it landed almost perfectly in the branches?  Is it a prank? Maybe a sign or warning? Aliens? Probably not. It is pretty funny, though.

However, if for some reason you were hoping the couch would become an odd curiosity attraction, don't get too attached. NBC says the New York Parks Department plans on removing the couch by Tuesday this week.

One resident told NBC he hopes the squirrels like the couch in the meantime.