The disgraced ex-congressman is expected to be released from federal prison early for good behavior.

Just about a year after Anthony Weiner's 21-month prison sentence began, the 54-year old is set to be released early, according to NY Post.

Weiner has managed to become a model inmate at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Mass. Prison records show that he is set to be released in May 2019, three months earlier than his scheduled release date in August 2019.

No is no parole in Federal prison, but inmates can earn up to 54 days off each year they serve for good conduct.

Weiner lost his bid for NYC's mayor, when it came out that he had continued his sexting with strange women, through the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.

Last year in court he admitted to sexting with a high school girl, despite knowing she was a minor.

Weiner resigned from Congree in 2011, after it emerged that he had been sending photos of his privates to woman online.