Parents are demanding answers after some of the more popular soccer fields in Dutchess County are once again underwater.

Let's start with we all understand that there's nothing we can really do when mother nature puts her "hammer" down on the Hudson Valley with bad weather. Whether it's rain, snow, or both when she's mad, she's mad and we feel all of her wrath.

Over the last few months, we've experienced some crazy storms that have brought the "wrath" to our doorsteps. We've gotten so much rain in the Hudson Valley that it's caused numerous flooding issues all over the place. I get it lots of rain equals flooding, but when the flooding can be avoided and not negatively affect kids, we need to do something to fix the problem.

Being 100% transparent, both of my younger kids play soccer in the Wappingers Falls area so this does directly affect me, but I'm not the only parent that doesn't understand why the consistent flooding issue at the soccer fields at 99 Soccer Field Drive in Wappingers hasn't been dealt with.

When these fields get flooded any and all kids that are scheduled to play on them can't, so that means none of them can get out and play sports until the fields dry. I can't even count how many times this year flooding has been an issue and here it is AGAIN!

Brian Luhrs/Facebook

One parent posted pictures on Facebook echoing my frustration saying, "Wappinger Soccer fields closed again. Most likely for the rest of the week. What are the kids of the community going to do this week for sports? Notice there aren't any signs for politicians around the fields. I wonder why??? I bet if this was a turf field and something the town could be proud of there would be. Get your head out of your asses and fix our parks..."

Brian Luhrs/Facebook

I couldn't agree more, with the amount of money taxpayers pay in Wappingers and the with the popularity of soccer in the area it seems like a no-brainer to do whatever it takes to figure out a way to invest some money in the fields that so many are kids play on.

Brian Luhrs/Facebook

Another parent posted her frustration with the conditions of the soccer fields and County Legislator Joseph D. Cavaccini comment on the post saying, "I agree 100%! I’ve been able to allocate a couple hundred thousand dollars of grant funding toward our youth sports and programming here in Wappinger through our County “Learn, Play, Create” grant." He also said,

"Unfortunately it is a little more than a quick fix. I would love to see a new multi-use turf field for soccer, field hockey, football, lacrosse, etc to use as a premier field out at Robinson Lane or Martz Field to get away from the flood-prone soccer fields."

Let's hope that the town board follows through and makes the necessary changes sooner than later so we can continue to have our kids outside and involved in local sports.

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