One gas sign in Dutchess County has some drivers concerned.

Over the weekend while I was driving in the town of Wappinger, I drove past a sign that has been the topic of conversation from many drivers. If you haven't been near the newly completed traffic circle near the Hudson Valley Regional Airport on Route 376 in Wappinger, you might not be aware that a new gas station is getting ready to open soon.

New Mobil Gas Sation in Wappinger

With the completion of the traffic circle, the once-confusing intersection is running a lot smoother and is getting ready to welcome e a new Mobil gas station soon at 1592 Route 376. The Mobil hasn't announced when they are opening but as they get ready, they have caused a little bit of a stir with the sign that's in front of the gas station.


Gas Sign in Wappinger a Sign of What's to Come?

I snapped the picture above last night after my 11-year-old son Jackson pointed it out to me. Once he saw it he said, "dad isn't that a lot for gas?" Ummmmm, YES it is!!! Thankfully the sign isn't displaying the actual per-gallon price. I'm guessing the sign is in the testing phase because when I pulled into the station's parking lot the prices displayed on top of the pumps read numbers from 1 thru 9. I'm not sure why the displays were on because everything else at the gas station was turned off. Maybe someone forgot to turn the lights off...LOL!

Whatever the reason is I thought I should do the right thing and let everyone know that prices aren't that high, yet! I do think that if gas gets that high we all might need to rethink our driving habits, right?

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