Going out to eat is fun. Deciding where you're going to go for that meal, especially if you’re with another person or a group of people, is not always so fun or easy. This person wants Italian, that person wants Mexican, yet another person wants Asian. If you finally get your choices down to either Mexican or Japanese, I know just the place. I have actually discovered a Mexican/Japanese restaurant right here in the Hudson Valley. Yup, two cuisines, one restaurant. How cool is that?

Yummy Taco in Newburgh, NY

Head to the Town of Newburgh the next time you’re in the mood for Mexican cuisine, Japanese cuisine, or both. Yummy Taco serves up a full menu of Mexican favorites like tacos, tortillas, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, fajitas, Mexican rice, and more. If you have a craving for Japanese food, Yummy Taco has yaki udon, teriyaki chicken and steak, gyoza, edamame, shumai, udon noodle soups, and even more. They also have wings, salads, fries, and lots of items that the kids and fussy eaters will like.

So exactly where is this unusual restaurant with such a diverse menu? It’s right at 50 Route 17K in Newburgh in the Target Plaza. Easy to get to from Route 84, the Thruway, and just about anywhere in the Newburgh area. Want to check out the Yummy Taco menu for yourself? Visit the website. Now you and your friends can stop arguing about which restaurant to go to. Just go to Yummy Taco and nobody will leave hungry.

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