It's hard to believe how many changes have come since the beginning of the George Floyd protests. We've seen everything from police department reform, to toppled statues, to canceled shows. Now, even the nation's largest retail store will be making some changes. The NY Post is reporting that Walmart will no longer display beauty products meant for people of color in locked cases.

We have made the decision to discontinue placing multicultural hair care and beauty products in locked cases.

The move comes after a black woman attempted to buy a scarf from a Walmart in the  Denver area, that was locked away in a sealed glass to prevent theft. Some of the chain's 4,700 nationwide store kept items such items in locked cases.

This is very blatant because the heading above that aisle says ‘Multicultural Hair Care.’ They are saying that people, who are a different culture, need their stuff to be locked up.

The Post reports there has been complaints that the practice was discriminatory.

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