A new comic book series has a name that may be familiar to many Hudson Valley residents.

Fishkill is a new comic created by Walking Dead actor, Dan Folger. Even if you haven't seen the actor portraying Luke in the popular AMC series, you probably know who Folger is. The actor is known for his role as Jacob Kowalski in the Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Folger also has a recurring role in the ABC series, The Goldbergs.

The actor recently stepped away from in front of the camera to pen the new comic book series for Heavy Metal with co-writer Laurence Blum. The comic, which features art by Ben Templesmith may have a familiar name, but Fishkill is actually about a man, not a small village in Dutchess County.

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal

The story centers around a detective in New York named Bart Fishkill.  Described as "a love story wrapped in a modern noir," the series is filled with plenty of exciting twists and turns. Fishkill has to sift through wild conspiracies that leave even him questioning whether, in the end, he's actually the good guy or bad guy.

The comic series, which launched in September, is just four issues long, so even those who don't want to commit to collecting dozens of issues can jump in and enjoy the story, The first two issues have already been released, with the third set to hit newsstands on December 23. You can catch up with the entire series now by visiting your local comic shop or ordering online directly from Heavy Metal.

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