It is great to see that so many events will be up and running by summer in the Hudson  Valley. Many of our annual events are making plans to ensure that the 2021 version of their festivities go off no matter what the world plans to throw at us.

Unfortunately, we haven't heard that everything is definitely happening yet this summer. We are hoping to hear soon about some of our favorite fairs and festivals but we also realize that some will be a bigger challenge than others which is why we need to be patient.

Unfortunately, even with the best plan in place their still may be a reason that some of our annual events don't take place this year . This seems to be the case with the Vintage Vibe Markets - A Summer Market at the Dutchess County Fair Grounds. They were scheduled to hold their market this year at the fairgrounds in Rhinebeck on June 5th and 6th.

However, the Dutchess County Fairgrounds announced on their Facebook page today that the show was cancelled due to lack of vendor participation. The fairground also gave instruction on how to get your payment back if you already paid to be a vendor. So even though it looked good to have the Market in June there was still an unforeseen complication.

It seems we are all ready to go to events but we need to realize that some of the people who made these events possible have struggled during the pandemic and may not be ready to greet customers. The other thing to consider is the possibly that some of them may no longer be in business.

I am not saying this is the case for the Vintage Vibe Market event that was scheduled at the fairgrounds. No reason was given for the low vendor turn out.  But I do think it is important that we realize that even our local annual events may look a little or even a lot different than the last time we attended.

2019 was long time ago. 2020 was hard and 2021 will be better but let's make sure we are looking forward not back. Lets stay positive and plan to help all our favorite festivals and events get back on track for a great year.

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