I had to save my kid from a swarm of these things. It took me quite a while to figure out what these things were. Where are the bug experts in the Hudson Valley? Do you know what these insects are?

I was at the park with my kid the other day and when my daughter went to climb up to the slide and found an unfamiliar swarm of bugs flying around.

They didn't sting anyone and I didn't even see them land on anyone but we didn't take any chances. We reported them to the park maintenance crew and they took care of them pretty quickly.

When we were able to get close enough we were all puzzled by what we were looking at.

After a pretty extensive Google search, I was able to figure out what they were. I knew they weren't bees because of their color. I searched through images of both wasps and hornets but I still couldn't find anything. I was stumped. After looking at them a little closer I thought that their shiny blue color was a bit unique so I searched for that. I think that I finally found some success.

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It appears that these things are a species of wasps that are nicknamed mud daubers because of the nests they make. You may have seen their nests before they look like clay tubes and they can often be found on porches.

What is a mud dauber and are they dangerous?

How dangerous are they?

According to Healthline, these kinds of wasps are venomous but they aren't aggressive. However, they can be dangerous for people with allergies.

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