If you enjoy eating vegan burgers while petting cats you're in luck.

The Hudson Valley is a weird and wonderful place. We've got a record store that doubles as a bar, A mobile DJ service that uses the same truck for his pest control business and now we've got a vegan burger bar that lets you pet adorable kittens while you eat.

The grand opening of the WildFlower Cafe in Red Hook took place last month to little fanfare, but word of mouth has been quickly growing for this unique, vegan paradise. Veg News, a website devoted to all things vegan recently did a feature on the restaurant.

The WildFlower Cafe offers meatless burgers, simulated chicken and faux hot dogs. Customers have been raving about their gourmet offerings, which many vegans claim don't sacrifice any of the taste of traditional burgers and dogs.

As if the food wasn't enough of a draw, the cafe also offers something you usually don't see at restaurants: Cats.

Customers can take their food upstairs to Morgan's Cat Cafe and enjoy their burgers while hanging with some friendly felines. Originally, Morgan's Cat Cafe took up the first floor of the building, letting customers eat snacks while playing with the cats. But after a retooling of the business and the addition of gourmet vegan food, the cats have been moved upstairs, away from the dining area.

But not to worry, if you don't want to take your food upstairs you can still watch the cats playing on closed circuit television from your table.

The WildFlower Cafe is located at 35 West Market Street in Red Hook and open Wednesday through Sunday.

If meatless burgers are your thing, we recently tried the Beyond Burger at BurgerFi and were pleasantly surprised by its taste: