If you're tired of the same old tree and light set up every single Christmas, then you may be interested in this weird bit of news.

One of the latest crazes this year is the inverted Christmas tree. Yup, an upside-down tree. ABC 7 NY says that some of the trees can be hung from the ceiling, but most are simply put in a stand attached to a base on the floor. You can hang all your usual lights and ornaments on the upside-down tree. In fact, you may even have a better view of the ornaments since they'll just be hanging in mid-air. 

Reportedly, the big retailers like Target, Home Depot, and Walmart are carrying the trees.

One thing though, they can be expensive. Target has them listed on their website running nearly $1000 dollars. However, other outlets like Kohl's have them listed for under five hundred.

While this may be a new things here in the United States, the inverted trees have been around for centuries in regions in Eastern Europe. They've been slowly gaining popularity here in U.S. the past couple of years.

Also, one must wonder if the sudden popularity of the peculiar trees are due to the the Netflix original show Stranger Things? In the show, the Upside-Down is term used to describe a dark, parallel dimension, which is covered in eerie, gloomy haze and home to the dreaded Demogorgan.