A special limited-edition beer that very few people have the opportunity of tasting will be available for those in the know at this year's Hudson River Craft Beer Festival.

The 6th annual beer festival takes place this Saturday, September 15, at Riverfront Park in Beacon. Over 150 beers will be available to sample and enjoy throughout the four-hour bash. But there's one beer that only a select group of people (including you, since you're reading this) will be able to try.

Mill House Brewing Company has partnered with Riverkeeper to create a very unique beer that utilizes the power of the Hudson River to produce. After the initial brewing process, the beer was aged in bourbon barrels that were stored aboard the Sloop Clearwater for about six weeks. The gentle rocking of the river agitated the beer and extra hops to create this one-of-a-kind beer.

Just forty gallons of Shipwrecked IPA were produced. On Thursday a special unveiling party at Mill House Brewing Company allowed people to try pints while learning more about Riverkeeper and their quest to protect the Hudson River. If you missed out on the release party, you can still try this insanely delicious IPA before it's all gone.

Mill House Brewing Company will be bringing a limited amount of Shipwrecked IPA to the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival this Saturday. You'll be able to be one of the few people lucky enough to try the beer and enjoy it right on the Hudson River, where it was produced.

To get a sample of Shipwrecked IPA,you'll have to give the brewers our secret code word: "Riverkeeper."  Just whisper that word at the Mill House tent and they'll pour you some (while supplies last, of course!)

For more details on how to get tickets for the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival, you can check out the official website.