You've done the regular outdoor dining, so why not level it up? The Hudson Valley has 3 fascinating and unique spots where you can grab a bite and a beverage in the woods!

The Rail Trail Cafe

We'll start off with Rosendale's Rail Trail Cafe! This serene stop truly gives you a warm community feel, especially if you stop by during one of their live music events.

This quaint spot is perfect for grabbing a quick bite or settling in for some of their rotating live entertainment. On the menu, you'll find options ranging from snacks like their homemade popsicles and scones to larger bites like their wood-fired pizzas! You can pair your snack with one of their healthy and refreshing drinks like their Kalmenade (yep, it's kale lemonade) or their organic coffee. 

Resident Peter G. shared his favorite parts about The Rail Trail Cafe with us, sharing how friendly and kind the staff is, going on to explain, "[It's] such a nice experience sitting in the woods with the high trees even when it’s a hot day it’s cool there."

With the bulk of their food offerings being sourced locally from the Hudson Valley community, their menu does rotate seasonally and their hours do vary, so best to check their hours online before making the trip.

Creek Bar Burgers & Beers

Located in Mountaindale, NY, Creek Bar grants the balance between offering indoor seating as well as a unique, creek-side woodsy option. You even take a cute little trail out back to get to the fire pit and seating area!

Creek Bar is another spot that highlights a fun, community feel often hosting live music and events at their outdoor bar. Fare typically consists of BBQ, burgers, and pub-like favorites with the occasional outdoor grilling experience as well.

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One to highlight is the CreekOut burger which is a smash burger situation topped with nacho cheese, jalapeno for a kick, and bacon.

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While the indoor area of Creek Bar serves intimate and cozy vibes of its own, we're talking about woodsy dining experiences here and this one certainly does not disappoint, even having a fully stocked bar outside in the woods for refills.

Cochecton Pump House

The Cochecton Pump House is another great spot to feel immersed in nature while enjoying a great meal and a drink. Located in Cochecton, you'll be able to dine in the ruins of one of the Hudson Valley's old Pump Houses, adding a unique setting to your dining experience.

You'll find lots of fun events hosted by the Cochecton Pump House including live music and seasonal festivals like Oktoberfest!

From Crispy Chicken Sammies and Wings to Pork Banh Mi and Filipino spring rolls, there's a lot to pick from in terms of food. You'll also find a variety of beers on tap and wine options to pair with your meal here.

Since you'll be sitting in ruins, you may be wondering about the history of the Pump House. You can read more about that here: The Hudson Valley's Most Interesting Place to Get a Drink

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