Well, what's next?

When one door closes, another one opens or perhaps, when one building receives construction and painting, another business is moving in.

Do you ever find yourself glancing at something quickly when driving? It appeared out of the corner of my eye and I had to investigate on my own.

For instance, the Hippie Muffler Man was standing near the road in Sullivan County, NY and captured my attention. The Largest Fork In The Road In Dutchess County, NY also gets visitors to stop and see what may or may not have been in the way for them.

A Highland, NY staple made an announcement on social media.

What Is The Baker's Tale?

The Baker's Tale was located in Ulster County, NY. This family run business always enjoyed creating meals, cakes, baked goods and more. 

The Baker's Tale storefront business is the only thing that has closed. They are still open and accepting online, custom orders.

Ulster County, NY residents can rejoice to be able to still grab The Baker's Tale's, cakes, breakfast platters, cookies, pies, holiday orders and more.

The Baker's Tale was opened by Kristin in honor of her mother. She wanted to continue to share the love of making baked goods and handmade options as well.

The Baker's Tale shared,

"We want to thank each and every one of you for helping make our dreams come true and by supporting locals. Thank you for trusting us for your dessert and baked goods needs."


"We love seeing you smile and hope you enjoy our pastries as much as we enjoyed making them for you. 

With love,


Kristin Bell and team"

Ulster County, NY Residents Notice Big Changes At Former Baker's Tale

Although, The Baker's Tale is still open for business with online orders, Hudson Valley residents have questioned as to what's next in the prior location.

Local residents have driven past and noticed the changes happening at the former Baker's Tale location.

Do You Know What's Taking Over The Baker's Tale Location Next In Highland, NY?

Canva, Allison Kay
Canva, Allison Kay

While driving past, I noticed work that was being done at the former Baker’s Tale location. The sign is painted over however, there aren’t any other clues of what will be next.

Do you have any suggestions?

Facebook Users Shared Their Feedback On The Baker's Tale's Switch To Online Only Business


A heartfelt post was made on social media from The Baker's Tale. Here are parts of the post below,

"Hello friends,


"I have been so blessed to have such a loving and loyal community that has supported my dream of owning a successful bakery for over 10 full years."


"I started this baking company when I was only 23 years old. The journey has been incredible, rewarding, and fulfilling. Customers have become friends and friends have become family. I’m very grateful for the relationships that I have formed with my fellow colleagues, your guidance and direction will forever be cherished."


"Speaking of family… I miss mine. In the last four years, a lot has also happened in my personal life"


"So I thank you. I thank you for being fantastic customers. I thank all of my employees throughout the years, for the hard work and long hours away from their families, to make this dream a reality".


"I will be moving into this next chapter of my life. Which is being a mom, a cake artist and author. I will still be taking cake orders, catering and custom orders, so this is not goodbye, it’s see you later. Keep an eye out for my book. See less"

The Baker's Tale isn't saying goodbye to the Hudson Valley, simply ending one chapter in Ulster County, NY and continuing to next part of the journey.

Facebook Users Shared Their Feedback To The Post By The Baker's Tale

Hudson Valley shared their feedback about The Baker's Tale.

"Hands down best breakfast sandwiches! The Hudson stacker is such a beautiful creation. The pastries the shop help all so wonderful! Owning a business 8 days a week, and it’s something my husband and I struggle with as well so on prioritizing family time. You deserve to find your happiness, heal, and reinvent yourself. You never know what the future will hold ♥️ best of luck to you sweet girl"


"Thank you for being such a wonderful part of the community and bringing something beautiful"


"We will miss all of your delicious treats but family always comes first!"


"Enjoy being a Mama..best job in the world and the time flies by so fast.best of luck! You’ll rock anything you do and I look forward to getting my kiddos cakes from you for their birthdays next year!"

The Baker's Tale was located at 578 US 4455 in Highland, NY. This was near Rocking Horse Ranch as well.

Be sure to visit The Baker's Tale online to order their homemade goodies and more.

What do you think will open in this Ulster County, NY location? Share more with us below.

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