Not sure these if guys were really hungry, or maybe they're just not very good at robberies? The NY Post is reporting that two men allegedly held up a Little Caesers at knifepoint Monday evening.

Police say the two men rolled up at the pizza shop in the Bronx and tried to break in through a drive-thru window. That plan didn't go far, as a video shows one of the men trying to hoist himself through the window, only to be pushed right back outside by store employees.

Then the two decided to resort of more extreme measures, by coming through the front door with a knife. Their bounty? According to police, one pizza order. The Post says police are currently looking for the bumbling buffoons.  

It is uncertain if the two men wanted money, or they were just really hungry? If the later, why did they not hit up a much better pizza shop, especially living somewhere like the Bronx? For all intents and purposes, they essentially stole a piece of cardboard cover in sauce.

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