Tuesday's powerful storm had a lasting impact on Hudson Valley traffic.

After the storm came in hard and fast in our local area, everyone was left to deal with the effects. One of the main after effects was the loss of power, which caused traffic lights to not work.

On Wednesday, May 16, local and state police were busy directing traffic on Route 9. I traveled Route 9 from the entrance at 84 to the Mid-Hudson Bridge and counted 6 out of service traffic lights. Police were directing traffic at 5 of the lights, with one light outside BJ's unmanned. Power is still out at multiple locations across the Hudson Valley.

Southern Dutchess County was hit extra hard by the storm on Tuesday, with a state of emergency being declared. Many area residents claimed a tornado touched down in Saugerties and in Mahopac. It was confirmed that a twister hit Putnam County.

To help the public deal with the devastation of the storm, a local gym is offering free showers and access to power.