On Wednesday Governor Cuomo announced that he was giving away free Yankees and Mets tickets to residents who agree to be vaccinated. We investigated the fine print so you don't have to.

It sounds like an amazing offer; go to a Mets or Yankees game, get vaccinated on-site and grab free tickets to the game. While yes, the New York teams will be handing out free tickets to those who agree to get their COVID shot, there is a bit more to it.

First of all, the governor made it sound like you could just decide to go to any game, agree to roll up your arm for a shot and then not have to pay. That's not exactly true. In order to go to the game and receive your vaccine, you will need to purchase tickets. Even if you do get your COVID shot at the stadium before the game you won't get reimbursed for those tickets.

Instead, the Yankees and Mets have agreed to hand out a limited number of ticket vouchers. Between May 7 and June 6 the first 1,000 Yankees fans who receive a vaccination at each game will get a voucher that's good for two seats to a game during the 2021 or 2022 season depending on availability. It's still an incredible offer, but those who want to take advantage of it should understand how it actually works.

Mets Fans can also get free tickets, but not quite as many as those that are being given out at Yankee Stadium. From May 24 through June 17 the first 250 fans who receive their COVID-19 vaccine at Citi Field before each Mets home game will receive two tickets to a game later this season or next year.

A press release about the free ticket program includes links to both team's websites for more information, but as of Thursday, that information wasn't posted. Cuomo calls the innovative idea a "New York Home Run," and he's right. This is a great opportunity for baseball fans to not only protect themselves and their loved ones but to also snag pairs of tickets to see their favorite team.

The governor also announced that both stadiums would begin offering segregated seating, allowing vaccinated fans to pack into their sections while unvaccinated ticket holders would have to socially distance.

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