A Hudson Valley student attending Binghamton University discovered her roommate's dead body on Friday.

Police are investigating what they believe is the homicide of Haley Anderson. The 22-year-old nursing student went missing after a night of playing board games with her roommates. According to the New York Post, Anderson was involved in a love triangle with two men. One of the men, Orlando Tercero, is now suspected of murder.

Anderson's roommate, Josephine Artin from Nyack, eventually traced the nursing student's whereabouts to Tercero's residence by using an iPhone app. When Artin arrived at the house, the door was locked and Tercero's car was missing. After knocking on the door Artin decided to enter through an open window. That's when she found her roommate lying in Tercero's bed.

Artin said it was clear that Anderson had been dead for a while before she discovered the body. That's when she called the police.

Authorities say that Tercero has fled to his native home of Nicaragua after texting a family member to tell them that he "did something bad."