One major interstate in New York was left quite a mess after a tractor trailer crash Thursday afternoon. Police say parts of the roadway were closed for several hours after the rollover  crash. Officials say the accident happened when the driver of the truck lost control of the vehicle, resulting in her suffering non-life threatening injuries.

But it's what the truck was carrying that caught some peoples' attention.

According to the statistics for large truck accidents in New York, reported by the NY DMV to the Institute for Traffic Safety Management & Research, there were 21,135 accidents in 2019 involving large trucks and other vehicles.

Aww Crap! 

The New York State Police said in a press release the 25-year-old driver of the tractor trailer lost control of the rig, went off the road, and then overturned several times. The crash happened on Interstate-90, between the Depew and Pembroke exits Thursday afternoon. Officials say the tanker was hauling liquid manure, which then leaked out all over the road.

The NY Environmental Conservation Police were on the scene to help with the clean up effort. Luckily, the spill was considered non-hazardous.

Biff Tannen could not be reached for comment.

The Roads Are S**t

The recent crash on I-90 pales in comparison to what happened in December 2018.

WHAM says that a manure truck overturned and spilled four and half thousand gallons of liquid manure into a nearby ditch. The crash happened in the Wyoming County town of Covington. WHAM reports that the driver had  tried to turn on to a road when the truck flipped. Officials say about half the truck's payload (lol) ended up spilling all over the ground and in a ditch right off the main road.

Skylar Coons / TSM HV
Skylar Coons / TSM HV

The Daily News says HAZMAT crews were luckily able to stop most of the flow of s**t before it reached the nearby Pearl Creek. WGRZ reports that some of crap did reach the creek, however, Oops.

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Nine Thousand Gallons of Crap 

The DEC said the "tractor trailer hauling approximately 9,000 gallons of manure overturned while attempting a turn, causing an estimated 4,000 gallons of liquid manure to be released to the ground and a roadside ditch."

While the story may remind some of that one infamous scene in Back to the Future, it happens more than you think, especially in smaller farm communities. In April 2018, a truck carrying manure flipped in the town of Genoa. A road in Bethany, NY was shut down for hours in February 2018 when a manure truck hit a pole.

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