Time is running out to visit Toys "R" Us in the Hudson Valley.

In April the toy store chain began liquidating their inventory by slashing prices on all remaining items. Since then the discounts have become deeper, with most items anywhere from 50% to 60% off of their original prices.

You can expect the deals to get even better over the next two weeks, as Toys "R" Us in Poughkeepsie will officially close their doors on June 30.

Some people are predicting a massive last minute sale on the final day that could slash prices an additional 50% from their already marked down prices. There is no official announcement about how low prices will go, but some shoppers point to the fact that other Toys "R" Us locations have slashed all sales prices in half on the last day. While there's no guarantee the Poughkeepsie store will do the same, some are banking on it.

A. Boris

There may not be much left to even put on more of a discount by then. A visit to the store on Monday revealed rows of empty shelves, with most inventory being pushed to the front of the store. Most big ticket items are long gone, but keen shoppers can still find some big bargains on play houses, motorized vehicles and board games.

If you're looking to visit Toys "R" Us one last time for nostalgia's sake, you make want to skip the trip. Visiting the empty store is more like attending a funeral. A shopper I talked to found the whole experience upsetting. Picked-through piles of dolls and empty boxes scattered in the aisles isn't the way most people want to remember "the world's greatest toy store."

A. Boris

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