Tompkins Community Bank is congratulating a Hudson Valley veteran who has been named a WPDH Vet Who Rocks.

This month, Larry Neumann will receive $500 and become eligible for a $10,000 reward to be handed out to one Hudson Valley Veteran on Veteran's Day. He was nominated to be a Vet Who Rocks by his wife, Carrie who shared Daniel's story with us.

From 1980 to 1986, Larry served as a Machinist Mate in the US Navy. He was assigned this rating because of his mechanical background. Born in Flint, Michigan, surrounded by friends and family who worked in the automotive industry, it was no surprise that he came to work in a tool and die shop. He would later apply these skills, combined with his military training, working in the engineering spaces of the USS Hepburn, where he lived for four and a half years and obtained the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class

While on patrol in the Indian Ocean, Larry and his crew came upon a small boat containing about 100 Vietnamese refugees. While attempting to provide supplies for their continued journey, their boat, being in poor repair, quickly began to sink. The outreach quickly turned into a full-blown rescue mission. Larry is still proud to say that no lives were lost despite the rough seas as he and his shipmates dove into the frigid ocean to save their lives. Larry was presented with a Humanitarian Service Medal for his heroics.

Larry's fellow MHA employee, Angela, sent us a letter nominating him and explaining how he's continued to help his fellow veterans.

Larry’s desire to ensure all veterans receive the necessary services they need is what sets Larry apart when it comes to serving veterans. Ultimately, Larry is a true asset to MHA and the veterans of Orange County, and it is an honor to nominate him.

For generations, Tompkins Community Bank has helped the communities it serves to thrive and grow. Much like our Vets Who Rock, this community-based financial institution considers it a duty to provide innovative financial solutions for local families and businesses as they navigate their financial journeys. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer hoping to put down roots, or an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, Tompkins is there for you every step of the way.

If you know a veteran with a story we should spotlight as a Vet Who Rocks, you can nominate them below.