It might sound clique to say that everything has changed over the last two years, but you have been and continue to navigate new waters. Heck with inflation, gas prices, and the ever increasing price of everything, you are not the only one who is having (needing) to watch each dime, quarter, and dollar.

So when you are finally able to do something nice for yourself, like get food delivered to your home, then you find that you also need to stop and think about how much you need to tip on your delivery order. Yikes, the dilemma. So, we asked, we surveyed, and we listened. Here is what people responded to the question that has recently become pretty tough. 

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Just how much are you supposed to tip a delivery driver in the Hudson Valley?

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There used to be a stead fast, oh just tip a couple dollars on pizza. Now, with gas prices being what they are, drivers use their own vehicles, and the always increasing prices of car maintenance and insurance, drivers rely even more on the tips, than in the past.

So how much should you tip on a food delivery, when say the order is $50 and you are already paying a delivery fee?

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Since you don't know who is benefitting from the delivery fee (we already know you benefit from the actual delivery) how much do you tip? The stead fast rule that everyone responded was 20%. So, your total was $50, then you need to give the driver $10.

So, what if you just got a pizza, what do you tip then? Does the 'couple bucks' rule apply?


Ask yourself this question, how much are you willing to pay, to not have to put your shoes back on, grab your wallet, and then go to the pizza place and pick up the pizza yourself? If the pizza place is close, it is worth $5? Seriously, this is what I was told by many people. One pizza, and only a pizza is worth the $5. If there is anything else that has been ordered with the pizza, then you go back immediately to the 20% of the total price or more. Something tells me that your delivery driver will remember who's house is the one that tips, doing the best that they can to make sure they get the food order arriving as soon as possible and as hot as possible.

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