This time of year a lot of us feel joyous and generous. We want everyone to enjoy the holiday season. We also get very busy so life's hustle and bustle can mean we aren't always keeping an eye out for things that don't add up. What I am trying to get at is we could easily fall for a fake charity donation scam.

The Ulster County Sherrif's Department posted on their Facebook page today some of the things we should be looking out for as we open our hearts and our wallets this holiday season. Fake charity scams are very popular during the Holiday season. And when we are so pressed for time we can be easily fooled out of our holiday cash.

The Ulster Sheriff's office passes a message from the Ulster County District Attorney's Office Division of Consumer affairs that shared some points to keep in mind while making donations during the holiday season.

Tips for Avoid Donatine to Fake Charities

Don't be in a rush scammers will use time constraints so you can't look them up.

Don't believe the caller ID. Scammers know how to make it look like the call is local and from a legitimate source.

DOn't fall for the "You pledged already and gave last year" line. Always check your donations so you can verify if the caller is a fake.
Always get the charity's information and then make sure to look it up before you make your donation.
Be careful not to fall for sentimental claims. This time of your we are all sensitive to people's troubles and it can be easy to fall into a donation trap when someone has been tugging on your heartstrings to get to your purse strings.
Never donate with a wire transfer or gift card. This is a classic way for scammers to get you to donate.
Stay away from the donations that have you winning a prize or any type of contest if you donate money. This too is a classic scammer-style way to take your cash.
If you believe you have been scammed or you are approached by a scammer contact Consumer Affairs. They can be reached at 845-340-3260.

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