Tiger Nuts Inc of Newburgh is recalling some of its products. In other news, there's a company in Newburgh that sells Tiger Nuts.

To guys named Jim and Jack are behind Tiger Nuts Inc. The company started years ago when the two men were sitting on a porch reminiscing about the "good old days." The duo was talking about their youth and remembered a snack they had both enjoyed as children. After World War II candy was rationed. As a substitute for a sweet snack, children would eat tiger nuts.

Tiger nuts aren't made from tigers, and they're not actually nuts either. The sweet treats are tubers that have been described as having the same consistency as chickpeas with the sweetness like that of a coconut. While tiger nuts aren't really a household name in the United States, they're extremely popular in Spain and are the main ingredient in the popular drink, horchata.

Jim and Jack did more research into tiger nuts and discovered that they are extremely healthy. High in nutrients, fiber and beneficial oils, they've been credited with boosting your immune system, lowering blood sugar, being heart-healthy and some even claim they're an aphrodisiac. With a long Google search history of "tiger nut" related images and articles, the duo decided to start a business importing the food to the United States where it was currently unavailable.

Now, Tiger Nuts Inc makes a line of products out of the wonder food, including tiger nut flour. This is the item that, unfortunately, has now been recalled over salmonella fears.

The batch of Tiger Nuts Flour referred to, is sold only in 1 Kilo Boxes (2.2 lbs) which are printed tan and blue, with the word “Tiger Nuts FLOUR” on the front, with a blue hand tag above. The back of the pack has the UPC code 7 00161 41013 6 and reads “Best before end: see base”, and the base has a sticker with expiration date October 2021.


No one to date has reported becoming sick from the product, but it is still being recalled due to an abundance of caution. Anyone concerned about their tiger nut flour should return the product to the location where they purchased it for a full refund.

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