A six-time world pizza champion has just opened up shop in the Hudson Valley and now he's sharing his pizza secrets with us.

It's safe to say that Bruno DiFabio is a pizza expert. The restauranteur has traveled the world studying pizza-making techniques and searching for ingredients to make the "perfect" pie.  DiFabio has also made several appearances on Food Network, even serving as a judge on Chopped.

Now, the famed chef is sharing his pizza enlightenment with us. DiFabio dropped by our studios to teach us about the secret signals that indicate a pizza may be less than delicious.

Photo provided by Bruno DiFabio
Photo provided by Bruno DiFabio

Is there red around the crust? Well, that's a telltale sign that your pizza is cheaply made. DiFabio says that cheese should cover all of the sauce on your pie. If there's a ring of sauce next to the crust, that indicates your pizzeria is scrimping on ingredients. Who knows what other corners they may be cutting?

And while you're looking at that ring of sauce, take note of its consistency. If the sauce is very thick, that's another reason to run far away from that pie. DiFabio explains that there are different grades of crushed tomatoes used to make pizza sauce. The cheapest includes all of the skins and seeds left over from making premium sauces. Some pizzerias buy the substandard sauce for a discount, cutting quality and taste from their pies.

Before you even take a bite of your pizza it's important to take a good look at it's cross-section. Lift up a slice to investigate the layers of crust, sauce and cheese. If the crust has lots of large holes in it, you're ready for pizza nirvana. The holes mean the dough was made properly and given enough time to rise. Those holes will not only ensure your pizza has great flavor, but also help you digest your pie easier.

Finally, we asked DiFabio what he thought about the practice of "blotting" your pizza with a paper towel before eating. What he reveals about that grease on top of your pie, and what he thinks about blotting your slice may surprise you:

Chef Bruno DiFabio owns and operates Pizza Union, across from the Newburgh Mall on Route 300. You can check out their menu and learn more about Bruno's award-winning pizza on the restaurant's website.