With all the attention focused on the border between the United States and Mexico, we sometimes forget about the 5,525 mile border right to our north. The U.S-Canadian border is the longest border between two countries in the entire world. It is also the largest undefended border (at least, from a military sense) in the world as well.

445 of those miles shared with our neighbors to the north are here in New York state. There has, however, been an increase in recent years of illegal crossings between the borders, with illegals sneaking both into the U.S., and into Canada.

WIVB is reporting that three individuals decided they'd make an unannounced stop in to the U.S. Wednesday morning. That whole plan failed when their jet ski got stuck in the ice. WIVB says that the illegal crossing happened near the southern part of Beaver Island State Park, which is outside Niagara Falls.

WIVB says that one of the individuals, who is a Brazilian living in Canada, tried to smuggle a citizen of Brazil, and a citizen of Spain across the border. Once busted, two of the people were able to simply walk across the ice to shore, though the third had to be rescued by a fire department.

All three are in now in Federal custody. Next time they should probably not use a jet ski to cross the border.

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