It's National Cheese Pizza Day and I know this is a bold call, but I'm here to make these decisions.

You and I are New Yorkers, downstate New Yorkers at that. So we both know when pizza is good and when it's bad. Don't give me any of that thick deep dish pizza, I want a classic New York style pie.

So on a classic Friday night, like every other person living in the Hudson Valley, I'm usually searching for a slice of good pizza. Thin crust, crispy, perfect cheese to sauce ration, and cheese with a few 'burnt' spots. You can picture this in your head, you know exactly what I mean.

There are tons of pizza places in the Hudson Valley, some have even won awards for their pizza. But one of the most underrated pizza places and the absolute best pizza in the Hudson Valley is in Orange County. I'm factoring in all aspects of the Hudson Valley into this, so sorry Westchester County, as close as you are to the city this pizza is better.

Lilo's in Walden has the best pizza in the Hudson Valley that I have ever had. It's always cooked perfectly and is a total old school Italian pizzeria. You just know this guy was born to make pizza.

While I love their pizza more than most things, they are an incredibly inconvenient business. They don't take cards, they don't deliver, and they're not open on Sundays. But honestly, their pizza is so good that I can look past that.

Even on National Cheese Pizza Day, I recommend their meatball pie. The fresh meatball slices are top notch. You can thank me later.

Where do you think the best pizza in the Hudson Valley is? Comment below or on our Facebook.