Is there fluoride in your drinking water? We've compiled a list of every water system in the Hudson Valley that processes fluoridated water.

There has been debate over the years as to the health benefits of fluoride. The American Dental Association supports communities adding fluoride to the water, citing research that shows a decrease in tooth decay when proper amounts of fluoride are added to drinking water. Other studies have shown inconclusive evidence that fluoride actually does anything at all to help prevent tooth decay.

While the debate lingers on it's important to know whether there is fluoride in your drinking water or not. Young children who don't have fluoride are recommended to receive fluoride treatments from their dentists. If there is fluoride in your water system those added treatments could actually have the opposite effect and cause dental issues.

According to the CDC, these are the only municipalities in the Hudson Valley that add fluoride to the drinking water:

Dutchess County

  • New Horizons Resources Inc.
  • Pleasant Valley Garden Apartments

Orange County

  • Middletown City
  • Newburgh City
  • Walden Village
  • Newburgh Consolidated Water District
  • Highland Falls Village
  • USMA
  • Hughlands Water District 1
  • Mount St. Joseph
  • NYS Thruway Plattekill/Modena
  • Wawayanda Water District 1
  • Stewart Field Water District
  • New Windsor Consolidated Water District
  • Firthcliffe Water District
  • Cornwall on Hudson
  • Rock Terrace Trailer Park
  • Harriman Village

Ulster County

  • Leptdondale Elementary School
  • Marlborough Water District
  • New Paltz (Village) Water District
  • New Paltz (Town) Water District
  • High Falls Water District
  • Mirror Lake Trailer Park

Sullivan County

  • Monticello Village
  • Adelaar Water District