Have you noticed pink porch lights in Wappingers and Monroe? There's a very good reason why homes in those communities are lit up in pink.

For over a year a student at Sheaf Road Elementary School in Wappingers Falls has been battling a rare form of Leukemia. Kelsey Berger was diagnosed when she was just five years old and, because of hospital stays and treatments, was unable to finish her first year of kindergarten with her class. Kelsey's classmates and teachers never forgot about her and continue to send her videos, letters of support and other forms of encouragement while she fights this very aggressive cancer.

Kelsey's father is the principal at Smith Clove Elementary School in the Monroe Woodbury school district. Students and faculty there have also rallied to help Mr. Berger's family, wearing special tie-dyed shirts, organizing fundraisers and even orchestrating an elaborate lip dub video incorporating students from both schools to help cheer Kelsey up.

Thousands of Hudson Valley residents who either know Kelsey and her family or who've simply been inspired by her strength while fighting this rare form of Leukemia have formed an army of supporters known as "Kelsey's Krusaders."

A Facebook page that updates the Krusaders on Kelsey's progress announced that there were some major setbacks in her recovery last week. Looking to send prayers and words of encouragement to Kelsey, the Krusaders decided to light up their homes in Kelsey's favorite color: pink. Hundreds of homes have now swapped out their porch lights with pink light bulbs to show their support.

A recent message from Kelsey's family announced that the message was received:

You know what you guys did?? When Kelsey saw... pictures of her street lit up, it brought the biggest smile to her face. What a gift you gave her, her parents and her family with that one smile. Thank you Wappingers! Let’s go Monroe!!

The Sheafe Road PTA held a candlelight vigil for Kelsey and has been handing out pink light bulbs to students and their families during spring break. Monroe Woodbury has declared that April 2 is Kelsey T-Shirt day. All students are encouraged to wear pink shirts to school in support of this brave young girl.

If you'd like to send words of encouragement or support to Kelsey and her family, you can make your porch light pink too. Details about other events and projects to help Kelsey and her family are posted on the Kelsey's Krusaders Facebook page.